Collaborative audio/midi/video platform

What is Sequencer Party?

Sequencer Party is an audio, MIDI, and video editor that runs in your browser. Users create sessions by wiring up plugins written in a format called WAM 2, which stands for Web Audio Module. WAMs are like VST plugins for the web, and if you are a software developer you can make your own.

You can collaborate in real-time - turn a knob, add some notes, record a phrase - and it is sent to all collaborators in the session. Sign up and invite your friends to a project!

Featured Sessions

  • Acid Generator
      A randomized, livecoded acid sequencer running a SH-101 WebAudioModule into third-party FX and video generators
    • RNBO Syncussion Clone
        Sequencing a Syncussion clone made in RNBO
      • Ambient Generator
          Two Turing Machines controlling a Spectrum:Modal and sampled piano
        • Microkorg Editor
            Create patches, save and load to the community, or save this project to your own account and invite friends for realtime patch editing.
          • MIDI Debugger
              MIDI Debugging tool. Pick a MIDI input, send MIDI data, see it logged. Press 'replay' to re-send recorded messages.
            • Video FX Stack
                Stacking and sequencing ISF Video plugins!

              Active projects