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Free to try, no signup necessary
For beginners.
Everything you need to start making music.
Start from inspiring templates and content created by your favorite artists.
Join public sessions and learn how to build a track.
Start now without signing up, then sign up when you want to save your sessions.
For pros.
Jam, record, mix, and finish tracks with your team over the Internet.
Collaborate in realtime in a shared session. No more than copying sessions back and forth.
Publish your own sample packs, presets, and session templates to grow your audience and connect with fans.


  • Work together. Session changes are syncronized between users. Make a beat with 1, 2, or 20 of your closest friends, right now, over the Internet.
  • Zero lag. Events are only syncronized at their position in the arrangement, so don’t worry about delay.
  • Stay in the loop. Collaborate in the session via chat, or follow their mouse cursor and watch them work.

World-class sound

  • Sound great with our built in instruments, effects and free factory sample library.
  • Explore community-made template, preset, and sample packs.
  • Cloud Sample Storage. Upload your own samples and share them with your collaborators. (membership required)


  • Inspire. Share templates, synthesizer presets, and sample packs all without leaving the DAW.
  • No install. Work on your music from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
  • Learn. Join public sessions and tutorials.