Collaborative audio/midi/video platform

Featured Sessions

    • A randomized, livecoded acid sequencer running a SH-101 WebAudioModule into third-party FX and video generators
      • Sequencing a Syncussion clone made in RNBO
        • Two Turing Machines controlling a Spectrum:Modal and sampled piano
          • Create patches, save and load to the community, or save this project to your own account and invite friends for realtime patch editing.
            • MIDI Debugging tool. Pick a MIDI input, send MIDI data, see it logged. Press 'replay' to re-send recorded messages.
              • Stacking and sequencing ISF Video plugins!

              Active projects

              What is Sequencer Party?

              Sequencer Party is an audio, MIDI, and video editor that runs in your browser. Users create sessions by wiring up plugins written in a format called WAM 2, which stands for Web Audio Module. WAMs are like VST plugins for the web, and if you are a software developer you can make your own.

              You can collaborate in real-time - turn a knob, add some notes, record a phrase - and it is sent to all collaborators in the session. Sign up and invite your friends to a project!